FLEUR and DANTE : our two loves.

They will always be on the lookout for cuddles. They may look impressive – but they are just teddy bears.

You will fall in love with them. Your children will love them too. And when you see their photographs– you will really understand what it means when we say « a dog’s life » – they are the lords of the manor.

And, let’s not forget our two cats! Both black, both strolling the length of our stone walls. The goldfish, they will be found swimming quietly in the troughs.

As racehorse breeders, we have nine horses that compete nationally. Among these horses there are two mares :

QUE LINDA. we think that she is a beauty – but you can judge for yourself. Que Linda has given birth to 2 foals at the Château du Besset.
BAD BOY du Besset 2 years ago and CRACK du Besset in July last year.

PETRA de la Farinière our first mare was born in Touraine 9 years ago. This year, Pétra has given birth to CAHEMIRE du Besset. The two youngest foals have become inseparable playmates.

ISATIS, the dominant stallion over his « harem ». 

This group live in perfect harmony and roam freely … so don’t be surprised if you see the mares, followed by their foals, crossing the yard towards the water trough while you’re watching the sunset.