The Ardèche, The Rhône Valley, the hills of the « Côtes du Rhônes villages » … your stay in our region, not far from Valence, offers a range of activities and sites to discover.

  • Heritage of Humanity

    The Pont d’Arc Cavern – replica of the Grotte Chauvet

    In the Ardèche, the Pont d’Arc Cavern, the decorated replica of the Chauvet Cave, a Unesco World Heritage Site, was opened to the public in 2015. When you visit the replica of the world’s oldest decorated cave you step 36 000 years back in time and go on an extraordinary journey with exceptional prehistoric artists in one of the cradles of humankind.

    Our best-loved site, a must : Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace

    April 1879, aged 43, Ferdinand Cheval, a rural postman with no formal training spent 33 years of his life building a dream palace in his garden. He was inspired by nature and the postcards and illustrated magazines he delivered.

    Every day, along his 18 mile route, he walked with a wheelbarrow and picked up stones on his way.
    His dream palace was completed in 1912. He had surmounted many difficulties, worked 10 000 days or 93 000 hour,s to build this spectacular edifice.

  • Discover the Côte du Rhône

    If, like many epicureans, you appreciate great wines, want to discover the vineyards and meet exceptional winemakers, then, you have chosen the perfect holiday destination.

    In Cornas, Saint Peray, Chateaubourg, Tain l’Hermitage…the vineyard owners and winemakers will welcome you with warmth and offer wines to try.

    To discover vineyards and wines, follow the well-known Côte du Rhône wine road :

  • Go shopping in Romans and visit Valence the capital of the Drôme départment

    Romans is a perfect shopping paradise, the French capital of luxury shoes. Enjoy a shopping spree at Marque Avenue designer outlet, a famous centre where you can buy French and international designer clothes and accessories for women, men and children.

    During your stay you can also stroll along the streets of Valence, the capital of the Drôme ; why not have a romantic photo session around the celebrated Peynet Kiosque.

    A visit to Saint Appollinaire Cathedral, the Maison des Têtes or the Fine Art Museum will highlight your cultural ramble through history.

  • Hiking, cycling and mountain-biking

    Well-trained hikers, occasional walkers or mountain bikers – next to the castle many paths and trails await you. From Crussol to Vernoux, while walking along the GR trails, you may come across deers and does, and, depending on the seasons, you can find sweet chestnuts or mushrooms. At Saint Romain de Lerps, a small picturesque village, the orientation table located at the Pic offers dramatic panoramic views over the Rhône, the Alps and 14 départments.

    The Ardèche is also a region known for cyclo-tourism . The départment features trails for easy tours, quiet lanes and roads that follow the lead of the European-renowned cycling event : « The Ardéchoise ».

    The Château du Besset is only about eight miles from the Via Rhôna. After riding along this famous cycle route, keep some energy if you want to ride the final «hellish miles » to the castle.


  • Horse-riding

    Our horses are a part of the surroundings.

    Your eyes will follow them as they gallop across the meadows, or, in the evening, when they come to the water trough to drink. 

    Whether a beginner or a good horserider, equestrian centres close to the Château offer classes. 

Partners of the Château du Besset 

Tourism in Drôme Ardèche

To know more about the main tourist attractions, the natural and cultural heritage of the region and to get some information about the activities available in the area you can consult the site : tourism in Drôme Ardèche.